Summer means stink and sweat and all that nasty stuff that everyone hates. For having a fun time at the beach, you need to sacrifice all the good things like air conditioners. As the temperature increases, so does our body odor. Though it is something that makes us feel ashamed and embarrassed, it does not mean that we cannot solve the issue or at least work around it. There are also evening events like pool parties or a simple get together with your friends where you need to look good but not overdress. A good fragrance is a part of your outfit as much as good jewelry is. The art of matching your fragrance or cologne according to your look is one that most overlook or simply do not know about.

Knowing where to buy fragrances that will be worth their cost is quite difficult if you don’t have anyone to guide you. Lucky for you, this post will help you through your confusion. Here are the best fragrances for the summer in UAE.

1- Butterfly Fine Fragrance Mist

This product by Bath & Body Works is a mist instead of a perfume. A mist is usually softer and lighter, not an overpowering scent like perfumes usually are. Since they are less concentrated than perfumes, you can spray them again and again without the fragrance becoming overpowering. The scent also is slightly sweet – enough to be floral but not become cloying. Though it is a mist, it goes neck-to-neck with your regular perfumes because of its longevity. You can snatch this product right up due to the Bath & Body Works coupons and get up to 70% off on your selected products. These coupons are available right now so go check them out immediately!

2- Mahogany Teakwood Body Spray

Maybe the floral scents are not what you desire? If you want a slightly more masculine and woodsy and sort of musky scent, this product by Bath & Body Works is for you. As this is a body spray, it will generally stay on not as long as a mist, but comes with an even more diluted formula than a mist so you can spray it a many times as you want without it becoming unpleasant! This spray has a scent that has great coverage with warm and spicy tones, meant for covering up nature body odor without making it too obvious. The tones of lavender, black teakwood and mahogany are prominent and smell delicious!

3- Among The Clouds Eau de Perfume

You can never go wrong with a classic summer scent! This eau de perfume by Bath & Body Works is a bestselling product that will not only smell delicately fresh and cool but look gorgeous just sitting on your vanity table! The formula is heavily concentrated with fragrant oils to give you the best scent that lasts you the entire day easily. As Bath & Body Works products usually are, this one is also paraben and cruelty-free so you don’t have worry about that issue at all. The most prominent notes in this perfume are of berries and cool notes of vanilla as well. So head over and avail the discount!