Acknowledging the efforts of people who did well can extremely boost their morale, may it be an employee that earned accomplishments for being a good influence and a reliable person in the company, even those athletes who topped the charts when it comes to scores and even idolized by many. Awarding them is an essential component of every firm or sports function. It not only helps to instill a sense of value and gratitude in workers and athletes, but it can also act as a catalyst for them to strive more and also those who are still dreaming to be like them. Trophies and prizes are known methods to reward athletes or employees for their good deeds, especially their overall performance in their chosen fields. This article will discuss the advantages of applying the system of trophies and awards in the company or even sports. There are also articles related to getting awards or just being content with being with the best of the best on

Glass And Metal Trophies And Awards

These awards can be distinguished by their distinctive and elegant design, glass trophies and awards have grown more and more as time goes by. These are usually color coded with bronze, silver, and gold that is coated on metal. Glass trophies on the other hand are sometimes made of real glass and often have a print on top of it with the details of the award. These also have accompaniments like certificates that are usually rolled or sometimes, in a frame. These kinds of awards have their advantages:

  • Longevity: Glass trophies can be preserved for years as long as they don’t fall from shelves or have some accident as these are known to maintain their form. Real and expensive metal trophies also have a long lifespan, but low-quality ones tend to fade over time. If you want to give your employees or players a reward that they can forever cherish then go for glass trophies or expensive metal trophies if you have the budget.
  • Flexibility: glass and metal can be molded in different ways as long as you research for professionals who make these types of trophies, you can say to them what style you want, and they usually have catalogs and samples that you can choose from. 
  • Prestige: if you’re aiming for elegance and aesthetics. Trophies that are made from metal are your best choice. They are commonly known for being awarded to famous people and these trophies are known to be coated in gold like those in the Grammys and Oscars.
  • Branding: This is also crucial as you can use this as an advantage to present your players or workers the badge or your tournament or company, to make the world see that you produce quality people, and they can be perceived as the best in their fields. 

Trophies And Awards That Are Personalized

These are for those in small companies or organizing a town cup for sports. This can be meaningful for those who dream and strive to be the greatest. They usually start small, but these personalized trophies make them confident and pass for more opportunities and championships to win. These cannot be called cheap as they can represent how good the person who received this award is. These are the factors that you should consider when you’re organizing an event and you’re the one assigned in making trophies:

  • Individualization: you should always consider the uniqueness of the design when it comes to trophies as they should have this distinctive identity when you look at it. Ythem will be inspired to get it and let the world know that you got it. There are cheap materials that can be formed into an elegant trophy as long as the design is unique.
  • Motivation: trophies are often good-looking to capture the eyes of the players or employees that are aiming for it.
  • Memorability: Because they are made to celebrate accomplishments, personalized trophies, and prizes are more memorable as they can contain glimpses of their success by just looking at them.
  • Flexibility: Bespoke trophies and awards can be created to meet the demands and financial constraints of your company. If you look for specialists that create these trophies, you can tell them what style you want; they typically have catalogs and samples that you can choose from. Glass and metal can be shaped in a variety of ways.

When To Give These Awards And How To Give It To The Employee Or Player?

After the discussion of the advantages of personalized and glass trophies and awards, you might think of scenarios on how to give them to them. you can’t just put on a stage and not think of ways to make it more special for them. these are the ways to do so:

  • Be specific: Be clear about the accomplishments being honored when presenting trophies and medals. You should not confuse them with extracurricular activities. Make it memorable like sharing pictures of the days when they won a game or got big sales. This aids the meaningfulness of the award and also makes them cherish the award that they receive.
  • Timing: Trophies and honors must be given out on time to be effective. This commonly goes from the simplest award to the grand award. This gives the final award some sentimental value and can give the winner sense of importance because as the quote says “save the best for last.”
  • Make it known: Publicly praising accomplishments like posting them on social media or giving acknowledgments like a section in yearbooks can significantly boost the winner’s morale. Always think that this should be known by everybody, nay it be close to them or as far as another country or continent.
  • Make use of a range of honors: is a distinction when it comes to different trophies, give specific weight of significance to the weight of the duty they worked for or points they achieved.


Overall, Trophies and awards are valuable tools for the hard work of the winners of these prestigious rewards. May it be glass trophies or any type of award like personalized trophies. Any unique way possible to present these to them can give a big meaning to their lives as they worked hard for it and sacrificed a piece of their life to achieve that goal. Always remember that no matter how much an award costs for you, this can give joy to the person you will give it to make sure that you will give it to them wholeheartedly.  These steps can be a big help for you if you’re still deciding on what to do for the award event that you’re organizing. Always think of it as you will be the one who will receive the award. What award do you want to receive? When is the perfect time to receive that award? Should I broadcast it to the world? always make sure that you know the essence of what you’re giving to the people who deserve it. This is an essential key for you to organize a successful event. Remember also to not go overboard as you should prioritize what your audience wants, which is a memorable and joyful experience.