Every teen suffers from acne, which sometimes prolongs till adulthood. But some of us still have undesirable scarring years after the acne has healed. Scars and discolouration develop because of skin damage, and in the case of acne, the damage is a result of germs, inflammation, and excess oil secretion.

Depending on the spot and the person’s skin tone, the skin’s attempt to heal itself after a breakout can leave a red, pink, tan, or brown scar behind.

As your skin recovers from a breakout, it creates new collagen. Sometimes, it produces either little or excess collagen, leaving behind 暗瘡. Delaying acne treatment increases the risk of scarring because the intensity and duration of skin inflammation have a significant impact on scar formation.

There are various ways of treating acne scars, either through cosmetic treatment, medicines, or various home remedies:

Types of acne scars 

  • Rolling scars: are the most common types of scars with shallow, wide, and slope edges that become prominent with age.
  • Redspots: are flat, rosy, or brownish spots that appear where an earlier acne blemish was. They disappear without leaving a mark.
  • Dark spots: are post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which is a temporary dark area that occasionally results from healed acne.
  • Boxcar Scarsand Ice-Pick Scars: are marked by acne brought on by tissue loss. They frequently have a depressed appearance and resemble skin pits.
  • Hypertrophic Scarsand Keloids: are certain forms of acne marks that resemble enlarged, raised tissue growths.

Treatment Method 

Derma Process 

  • Dermabrasion: A high-speed brush or other equipment is used in this efficient scar removal procedure to resurface your skin and eliminate or lessen the scar’s depths.
  • ChemicalPeel: A chemical solution is put on to the skin. This solution removes the skin’s outermost layer, abletonventures.com giving you a smoother, and even look.
  • Laser: A laser resurfacing procedure can be used by your dermatologist to eliminate the top layer of skin, contour acne scarring, or lessen redness around healed acne wounds.
  • FillersInjections: Certain kinds of acne scars can be “filled out” using a material like a collagen, hyaluronic acid, or fat.
  • Microneedling: To promote the growth of new collagen, this procedure entails repeatedly pricking the skin with tiny needles. This can lessen the visibility of marks.

Various treatment methods can be used like laser peeling and Pico laser treatment at Retens beauty centre. Whether they are red marks, brown marks, or 暗瘡印凹凸洞 Retens professionals are trained to use advanced equipment to treat any kind of acne scars on the face.

Natural Remedies 

  • Apply an ice pack to areas where you see acne marks. This will freeze all the bacteria and kill them instantly, which will further reduce the chances of redness or scars.
  • Avoid pricking or squeezing pimples, ad keeps your hands away from your face.
  • If you have oily skin or are much into outdoor activities, then remember to wash your face twice daily and apply a non-sticky moisturizer to retain hydration.
  • Drink ample water to flush out toxins that are responsible for breakouts.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking as well as carbs and refined sugar intake.

You don’t need to rush to a dermatologist as soon as you see a breakout. However, you surely need to approach them for stubborn 去暗瘡印 treatment. Maintain hygiene in your daily regime to stay healthy and safe.