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Canada Dedicated Server

Overview of Canada Dedicated Server

Canada Dedicated Server (CDS) is a dedicated hosting service that uses cutting-edge technologies and security measures to ensure your website remains safe and operational. We offer an industry-leading 99% uptime guarantee with Canada Dedicated Server, which means that you can be confident that your site will be up at all times.

Additionally, our servers are equipped with the latest in web server software, including Apache 2.4x & nginx 1.12x permits for superior performance and efficient content delivery to your visitors. Plus, we offer unlimited storage space and excess bandwidth so you can load as much information as you need without restrictions or penalties. And suppose there’s ever any issue with our services or data loss due to unforeseen circumstances. In that case, we’re available 24/7 via email or phone to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible!

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is often the best option when it comes to hosting your website. Dedicated servers provide you with more privacy and faster speeds than shared servers. This is because they are typically configured as a single-user environment, which allows for better performance and reliability.

Furthermore, dedicated servers usually come with unlimited storage space, bandwidth usage restrictions (for peak hours), and 24/7 customer support. You also have the added convenience of managing all aspects of your site from one location without sharing any files or passwords.

Aside from web hosting, there are other services that you can use when setting up your website, such as domain registration and SSL certificate installation. With these additional services, you will be ready to launch your business online!

Who should use a Canada Dedicated Server?

Dedicated servers allow you to have your website or application without relying on shared hosting. This can give you more control over your environment and data security. Additionally, dedicated servers are often located in a controlled environment, so they’re periodically monitored for infection and other issues.

Another benefit of using a dedicated server is that it tends to be faster than a shared server. This is because there’s less traffic going through the system, making it faster to serve pages from the cache or disk storage.

Why is Dedicated Server More Powerful in comparison to other hosting?

Dedicated Server is a more powerful comparison than other hosting because of the following reasons:

  1. It offers complete control over your server environment and its performance. This means you can configure your server however you want, and there are no limits on how much RAM or storage you can use.
  2. You have direct access to the console where you can manage all aspects of your server from one location, making debugging a breeze.
  3. Dedicated servers typically offer faster response times than shared servers due to their higher CPU and memory capacity utilization rates.

How can a Canada Dedicated Server help my business?

By providing you with more bandwidth and storage space, a Canada Dedicated Server can help your business run smoothly. This server type is specifically designed for businesses and comes with additional security measures that protect your data from cyber threats. Additionally, it allows you to access your files anywhere in the world without experiencing latency or lag time.

Lastly, a Canada Dedicated Hosting┬átypically offers lower pricing than other dedicated servers. So, if you’re looking for an affordable solution that meets all your needs, this could be the perfect option!


As the world becomes ever-more digital, the need for faster and more reliable internet access is more crucial than ever. Onlive is proud to offer Canada’s only dedicated server – perfect for businesses needing a high-performance, secure, and reliable internet connection. With Onlive, you can be sure your business will have access to the best internet speeds in Canada – no matter where you are. So, what are you waiting for?