Are you looking for new sofas to make your living space livelier? Well, if so, then the L shaped sofa is something you should look for now. They are currently the craze in interior décor.

Whether you prefer simple, minimalistic setups, funky, or cosy, these sofas add charm anywhere. They aren’t just space efficient but are found in various functionalities and sectionals that fit your décor choices.

Here’s how you can make these sofas more fitting in your living rooms.

How to work with the L-shaped sofa for your space?

The L-shaped sofas are a great addition to any living room. Moreover, it is best for smaller spaces as you get more seating without worrying about placement.

Surprisingly, an L sofa takes up a lesser room than two regular sofas while accommodating the same seating area.

However, there are some tricks to incorporating this furniture, making your rooms look more appealing. To know space, design, and placement ideas better!

Tucked in the Corner

L-shaped sofas are commonly seen at the corner of the rooms with both arms against the walls. This can fit furniture in a smaller space without losing extra room to walk around. Moreover, this setup opens up more areas for a carpet, tea table, and other furniture.

Against the wall

Another prevalent sofa placement is pushing its back to the wall. You can do the same with the L sofas, keeping the other arm free. This usually looks great against the door wall, as the free arm creates an entrance pathway.

As the Centre Piece

Usually, this plan suits a larger space, where your sofa can be facing a large T.V. or window. You can decorate the area behind the sofa with some plants or beautiful drapes to create a designer backdrop. As the centrepiece, a neutral-tone sofa can give off an exquisite look.

Complete the circle

Generally, sofas mark a space for socialisation, and an L shaped sofa already allows people to sit facing each other. So, why not make it more welcoming with more armchairs or ottomans to complete the circle to get the conversation flowing? Add in a centre table, and you have your best intimate hangout space.

Section it out

Evidently, with its L shape, this sofa can easily be used to section out your living room. Either of the arm’s lengths can work as a wall to separate the living area from the dining area. Moreover, these distinct spaces can be decorated with complementary contrast to create two aesthetics.

Make it Pop

If you want to open up the look of your living room, you can go for an L sofa set up against a coloured wall. Either a light sofa against a crazy wall or a vibrant one against a neutral wall, it’s an easy pick. Further, add in some comfy cushions to make it the best place to unwind.

Summing Up

In any home, the sofa is quality furniture that adds essence, shaping the overall look of the room. With an L shaped sofa, you can really step up the interior game checking both space efficiency and functionality.

Moreover, these sofas can fit smaller living spaces efficiently and make bigger spaces look more stylish.

Let your new L sofa take up the spotlight with minimal decorations, or fit it to the comfort around. There are endless ways to enhance the look of your room with an L sofa.

So, when are you getting that new sofa?