Exam preparation becomes easy when you start preparing by referring study materials with concept-related sample questions and answers. In this competitive world, students must work hard to get good scores for their board exams as well as competitive exams. Apart from textbooks, they should refer to other books to enhance their knowledge level. Instead of by-hearting the concepts, students must apply them practically.

Many books are available in the market for students to improve their understanding of concepts. One of the books is RD Sharma Solutions. To get good scores on the Maths examination, RD Sharma’s books play a vital role. This article will discuss the importance of reference books and preparation tips for exam preparation.

Significance of Reference Books
  • Reference books guide you when you get stuck with doubts about the concepts.
  • The reference books provide a clear brief explanation for a better understanding of the topics.
  • The reference books will give a number of solutions to solve to have a good understanding of the concepts that students learned.
  • Apart from the textbook, there will be more sample papers provided by the reference books to enhance a student’s problem-solving ability.
Preparation Tips for Examination
● Thorough with the Syllabus

Go through with the syllabus at least twice before starting the preparation. Get a clear understanding of the topics and concepts mentioned in the syllabus.

● Make Notes

After reading each concept, thedigitaluprise.com try to make notes on the important points. Note preparation comes effective on the day of revision. Important laws, theorems, equations, formulas etc., can be noted for ease.

● Timetable Preparation

Time management is crucial as soon as you start preparing for exams. A proper timetable helps students manage their time for each activity in a day. The students can allot a flexible schedule for each subject according to their study of interest.

● Study Space Organisation

One of the essential parts of preparation is making a place to sit and study properly. Some students use their beds as study tables, and some may select a different area. Instead, use a more comfortable space for sitting and studying rather than lying on the bed.

● Combined Studies

Sharing knowledge is crucial to understanding the topics and gaining more ideas from others. Students can make use of group studies in order to grasp the concepts quickly. Combined studies will aid in memorising the concepts forever.

● Practising Sample Papers

Every student will do a mock test after learning the concepts every day. It is the best way to assess oneself at which level one is. The students preparing for the 10th board exams can use mock test papers, especially for Science and Maths subjects. RD Sharma Solutions Class 10 is one of the best books for Mathematics lovers.


Instead of worrying about examinations, adapt to the scenario that examinations are not monsters; instead, they are for assessing the knowledge you have learnt so far. The above tips will help students to score good marks on the examination. Many books are available online and offline for your further reference. Make use of them and study well for the examinations.