The brownie is a cake similar to the sponge cake, but unlike this one, it does not have yeast or any impeller, so it does not rise in the oven; that is why its texture is more compact and has an intense chocolate flavour.

The brownie is a typical cake in the kitchen of the United States and is called like that because of its brown colour ( brown in English). There is also a version called blondie or blonde brownie that is made without chocolate.

The brownie is an easy cake to prepare, ideal for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. If you want to share it, they can cut it into individual portions and take it in an airtight Tupperware. If you enjoy it as a dessert, we suggest serving it hot and accompanied by vanilla ice cream.

Prepare your homemade brownie following this recipe by Eva Arguiñano, and get a juicy chocolate cake.
Ingredients (6 people) of the chocolate brownie recipe
  • 150 gr. dark chocolate for desserts
  • 200 gr. of butter
  • 200 gr. of sugar
  • 80 gr. Of flour
  • Four eggs
  • Ten nuts
  • Water
  • To decorate:
  • 100 gr. dark chocolate for desserts
  • colourful candies filled with chocolate
  • mint
Preparation of the chocolate brownie recipe

First, to prepare the brownie batter beat the eggs in a bowl with a whisk.

Add the sugar little by little and continue beating until everything is well integrated. Booking.

Next, chop the chocolate (150 grams) and the butter in a glass bowl. Then, place the bowl on a casserole with a little water on the fire and let the chocolate melt in a bain-marie while stirring carefully.

When completely melted, remove it from the heat and pour over the egg and sugar mixture. Stir everything well.

Then add the flour and stir so that it integrates well into the mixture. Also, add the nuts and stir.

Grease a mould with a little oil or butter and flour it (remove excess flour). In this way, the brownie will not stick and will be easier to unmold.

Pour the mixture into it and bake (in a preheated oven) at 180ºC for 40 minutes.

When the brownie is done, remove it from the oven and let it cool down before unmolding.

Melt the rest of the chocolate and add a few threads on top of the brownie.

Decorate the chocolate brownie with colourful chocolate-filled candies and garnish with a mint leaf.

Serve the warm or cold chocolate brownie to your liking.

Advice for making the recipe

Raw nuts must be chewed very well to facilitate digestion. The elderly, children and people with poor teeth can be crushed into a paste.

Before serving the brownie, heat it for a few seconds in the microwave and accompany it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A contrast of flavours, textures and temperatures that will surprise you!

Benefits of moderate consumption of dark chocolate

Moderate consumption of dark chocolate has beneficial effects on our health. The polyphenols and phytosterols present in dark chocolate have an antioxidant effect, helping us regulate cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Dark chocolate also provides us with minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Dark chocolate in snacks

Dark chocolate is a food that can be part of children’s healthy snacks, always putting a large piece of bread and a small piece of chocolate.

This principle should be followed in children’s snacks: a sandwich with bread and what is inside the bread in a small amount.

Health benefits of chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Undoubtedly, the star food of the sweet tooth. However, its moderate consumption can provide innumerable nutrients and properties to our health.

  • Stimulates the release of endorphins, which translates into a feeling of well-being and immediate pleasure produced by the increased serotonin levels in our body. 
  • It is good for the brain: it promotes concentration and memory. 
  • Its high content of antioxidants helps to improve cardiovascular health. 
  • In addition, its high antioxidant content and satiating power make it a great ally for weight loss as long as its consumption is moderate and in adequate quantities.
  • Helps prevent stress. 
  • Contributes to cell regeneration and disease prevention. 
  • Helps protect the skin from the sun.