Everything You Should Know about Weed Pipes

weed pipes

Weeds are used with the help of joints, bongs, and blunts. A weed pipe is another smoking device that has been in use for 4000 years. The advancement in technology has made smoke kits evolve more conveniently for users. Initially, bamboo pipes were used for the consumption of cannabis.

Marijuana tubes, chillums, and hand pipes are some weed pipes that are more popular among users. Most of them are made up of glass. These kits are widely available in online stores. Services like free shipping, easy returns, and online help support are available from authentic dealers.

Such products are crafted to ensure the highest quality finishing. Here are the factors that you should know before going for those devices.

Weed Tubes and Their Types

Many types of smoke kits give you an excellent smoking experience. Such as:

One Hitter

They are called pinch pipes, usually serving people who need to smoke individually. The consumption is limited to a few good hits. They are made of glass and are also available at an affordable price.


The chillum is a cone-shaped glass item unique from the other tubes. They are used with a mixture of herbs and weeds. It is suitable for social smokers who smoke in a shared circle.


Hammers are in the shape of a spoon and a cylindrical provision to smoke. The hammer kits have a carb to clean the piece. Sometimes those items which use water to smoke the weeds are called bubblers.

Hand Pipes

If you are new to the weeds, the hand pipes are the wise option for casual smoking. They are minimal in size and easily portable. They are available in glass, metal, and plastics. To clean a glass pipe, use acetone or alcohol.


Low-quality smoke kits have adverse effects on the smoking experience. A quality pipe always stands unique in giving you a fantastic smoking experience. Borosilicate glass-made kits are the best option for smoking herbs. They are resistant to heat, and they don’t crack in direct contact with heat. A quality made smoke kit gives you a better smoking experience at an affordable price.


The thickness of the glass pipe is essential for a long-lasting smoking experience. The glass tubes are strong and aesthetically more durable. These weed pipes are non-combustible and non-porous. It does not impact the flavor of the smoke in any way.

Checking for manufacturing defects while buying a glass pipe is highly recommended to have a unique and desired flavored smoking experience.

Bowl Capacity

Always look for a pipe with a large bowl so that you will only have to refill it occasionally, and also, you can smoke for a longer time. Some glass pipe designs have a greater capacity for holding liquid than others.

Depending upon the design and type of the smoke kit, the size of the bowl holding weeds differs. So choose the smoke kit carefully when going for a new one. If you are looking for a little longer smoking experience, then you should have the weed pipe with a large bowl.

Bottom Line

These smoking instruments are less expensive and easily portable than vaporizers and bongs. The material and size determine the quality of smoke in the weed pipe. So always look for what is best before choosing a weed pipe. jewel-tiffany.com Knowing about the factors mentioned about these devices helps you experience quality smoking and a smoother hit.