How many of you get excited at the idea of attending corporate events? Run-of-the-mill games, team-building exercises, and seminars do not make anyone look forward to the annual corporate events. However, organisations can break from the regular event ideas and mix something unique to make these events interesting.

Things as simple as customised catering, unique venues for corporate eventsor arranging live shows can grab the employees’ attention and give them something to look forward.

If you are wondering how to bring more employees to corporate events, here are a few fun ideas to incorporate.

Creative Corporate Event Ideas

Most of the time, employees feel obligated to attend corporate events. But tailored events that employees have a good time at can bring excellent results for the organisation. Employees put their best foot forward by bringing new ideas to the table and strengthening team bonds.

The most creative ideas can make corporate events enjoyable and give employees the break they deserve.

One of the first steps to creating a unique event is customising it according to the company and its employees. However, running into problems like HR approval and budget restraints while planning the event is expected.

Here are a few tried and tested ideas that work for most corporate events to make the employees spend more time with each other and bring out the best in companies.

1. Allow Pets and Children

Allowing employees to bring their pets or their children to daytime events is a practical solution for all pet parents and parents alike. They may not have access to day-care or somebody at home to look after them.

Employees would feel appreciated and welcome this idea by organisations. Make sure to arrange game corners or cater food for pets and children.

2. Think Beyond DJ or a Music Artist

Bringing in music artists or a DJ can surely give people a good time, but they can also catch the experience at a local music show or club.

How about a craft workshop for everyone willing to pick up crochet or card-making this year? Or an interactive storytelling workshop? These give employees a chance to pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill.

3. Cater the Food to Food Trucks

The food truck industry is revolutionising the street food scene globally. According to the Australian Mobile Food Vendors Group, more than 5,000 food tucks are present in Australia.

Food trucks are an inexpensive way to give your employees good food at a low cost. Hire more than one food truck if you have the space to provide employees with varied options.

4. Get Local Businesses

Small businesses like the local bakery store, the organic food store in the neighbourhood, and other local companies need your support. Bringing them in at your events is a great way to show your support and let employees shop locally.

5. Choose a Unique Venue

Event planners often ignore this, but one element to planning fun events is the venue itself. Choosing unique venues for corporate events can change the whole experience of events for the employees.

Let’s Get Planning

Use our creative corporate event ideas to plan your next big event. These ideas are practical and budget-friendly, so you do not have to worry about shelling out a humongous amount for the event. Also, they make your employees happy at the same time.

So, start planning. If you are confused, ask your employees to share their ideas or what they look forward to in these events, and you can give them the perfect experience!