As you know, blogging and publishing have become accessible and available to almost everyone. As a result, many copies or texts are released without editing or editing by the original writers. This is one of the reasons why the quality of writing is getting worse, particularly on the internet.

A qualified good editor can help you edit your blogs and articles to get them published. People often think an editor is someone who corrects grammatical and typographical errors. But the editors help create coherent, readable, and clear writing texts.

Your Takeaway Courses For Being A Good Editor!

Good editors from firms like Capstone Editing can work wonders for writers who are not perfect with their grammar or writing skills, which can help the readers read easily. If you, too, want to become an accomplished editor, you can join some of the courses listed below.

  1. The Proofreading Academy: The Proofreading Academy course is one of the leading courses for editors and editing. This course will help you become a good proofreader by teaching you all the basics of proofreading, such as grammatical errors, common spelling and punctuation mistakes, etc.

This course also helps you to proofread the writing style and sequence of the blog or article. You will also learn proofreading, business, and academic writing. Upon completion of the course, you’ll get 15 modules, assessments, and certificates.

  1. Proofread Anywhere:Proofread Anywhere, specially designed for freelancers, is similar to the Proofread Academy. This course is designed to help people with existing editing skills who want to start freelance proofreading for businesses. This course teaches the basics of proofreading at first, then starting a freelance proofreading business.

It also helps the editors to find freelance clients and manage their projects for freelance proofreaders. In addition, you will get 9 video lessons, more than 3 how-to guides, and quizzes to test your learning.

  1. Editorial Freelancers Association: The Editorial Freelancers Association is another excellent course that can help you become an expert and accomplished editor in Capstone Editing. Firstly you’ll learn the basics of editing, like proofreading styles and grammar.

This course then features multiple editorial courses that teach different editing styles, such as editing in Chicago Manual Style, line editing for nonfiction, copy editing fundamentals, book mapping for editors, etc. The kind of certificates or assessments you will get will depend on each course that you have chosen.

  1. University Of Michigan Via Coursera: The University of Michigan is again one of the renowned universities for editing courses. This university teaches more advanced editing skills: word choice, persuasive and creative editing, stylistic editing, etc.

Another crucial thing you will learn there is time management as an editor. You will get four lectures and quizzes to practice during the course. Then you will have access to the online group where other people are taking the course or willing to take it.

Wrapping Up

Editing is an interesting job but can also be frustrating at times. You will have clients from different professions, which will help you learn other things, but correcting the errors in their blogs and articles can take a lot of work.

But the above courses can help you quickly tackle problems and edit them attractively. After learning the courses, you can join editing companies like Capstone Editing and help the authors publish their texts.